Pyramid Escape: Design of Novel Passive Haptics Interactions for an Immersive and Modular Scenario


In this paper, we present the design of ten different 3D user interactions using passive haptics and embedded in an escape game scenario in which users have to escape from a pyramid in a limited time. Our solution is innovative by its modularity, allowing interactions with virtual objects using tangible props manipulated either directly using the hands and feet or indirectly through a single prop held in the hand, in order to perform several interactions with the virtual environment (VE). We also propose a navigation technique based on the “impossible spaces” design, allowing users to naturally walk through several overlapping rooms of the VE. All together, our different interaction techniques allow the users to solve several enigmas built into a challenging scenario inside a pyramid

In IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (IEEE VR, 3DUI track), 3DUI Contest Award
Tiffany Luong
Tiffany Luong

My research is focused on studying user experience using objective indicators (e.g., physiological signals) in VR to understand human cognition and improve human-computer interaction.