The Labyrinth of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

An interactive VR game featuring impossible spaces navigation

Our team developed an immersive VR application based on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, where users must navigate a labyrinth to find the Goblet. The app was developped in the context of a 4-day VR/MR hackaton organized by Inria Rennes on the theme “cinema” and won the first prize.

In this magical world, users are equipped with a wand and can cast spells by making the correct gestures. Lumos allows them to use their wand as a flashlight, Wingardium Leviosa to levitate objects, Alohomora to open doors, and Patronus to defend against Dementors.

To enhance users’ sense of presence in the virtual environment, we employed impossible spaces techniques (as described in Yu et al.’s Bookshelf and Bird’s paper) to create a seamless and natural walking experience.

To further immerse users in the wizarding world, we incorporated various stressors, such as fog, spiders, and dementors, to create a more engaging experience.

Tiffany Luong
Tiffany Luong

My research is focused on studying user experience using objective indicators (e.g., physiological signals) in VR to understand human cognition and improve human-computer interaction.