VR Grand Piano

[WIP] A personal project to play on a grand piano in an adaptive VR environment using a MIDI keyboard

I created a virtual grand piano on 3ds Max and integrated it into Unity to use it with my MIDI keyboard, allowing me to play music on a grand piano from anywhere. Inspired by the stunning anime ‘Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso’ (English name: ‘Your Lie in April’), I designed a virtual environment to immerse myself in while playing.

The goal is to integrate this project with VR and/or MR.

Currently a work-in-progress, I plan to add real-time changes to the environment and particles based on the music being played.

Special thanks to Alexandre for his invaluable help!

You can check out some videos, screenshots and rendering for now.

A video of the piano animation when playing this midi file:

The cherry blossom petal particles and water ripple shader by Alexandre:


Tiffany Luong
Tiffany Luong

My research is focused on studying user experience using objective indicators (e.g., physiological signals) in VR to understand human cognition and improve human-computer interaction.