Einstein's General Relativity Theory

An interactive and narrative VR game to learn about the General Relativity theory

At a 4-day VR/MR hackathon organized by Inria Rennes with a focus on education, we developed an interactive VR scenario to introduce users, starting from 12 years old, to the General Relativity theory.

The scenario begins with the player in a desolate, lifeless Earth. They soon discover a spaceship controlled by a playful AI named Doppler, and are greeted by a hologram of Prof. Einstein who introduces the theory and guides the user on an interactive space and time travel experience to escape from Earth.

Throughout the journey, users engage in many interactive elements that illustrate the concepts of General Relativity. To enhance the experience, we utilized the amazing music from the Ghosts albums by Nine Inch Nails and the voiceover work of Anatole, who voiced Einstein.

You can check out the gameplay video below to see how the scenario unfolds:

Tiffany Luong
Tiffany Luong

My research is focused on studying user experience using objective indicators (e.g., physiological signals) in VR to understand human cognition and improve human-computer interaction.