3Dexterity: Finding Your Place in a 3-Armed World


In the context of the IEEE VR 2020 3DUI Contest entitled “Embodiment for the Difference”, this paper presents a VR application to highlight the challenges that people with physical disabilities face on their daily life. Two-armed users are placed in a world where people normally have three arms, making them effectively physically disabled. The scenario takes the user through the process of struggling with everyday interactions (designed for humans with three arms), then receiving a third arm prosthesis and thus recovering some level of autonomy. The experience is intended to generate a sense of difference and empathy for physically disabled persons.

In IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (IEEE VR, 3DUI track), 3DUI Contest Honorable Mention
Tiffany Luong
Tiffany Luong

My research is focused on studying user experience using objective indicators (e.g., physiological signals) in VR to understand human cognition and improve human-computer interaction.